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CHANEL Beauty News – Beyond The Jar and Sublimage Cleansing Collection

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CHANEL 作為護膚品的先驅近一百年,每一個產品均是從大自然展開,於實驗室延續。
CHANEL 推出短片系列,縷述名為 BEYOND THE JAR 展現 CHANEL 科研完美揉合尖端科技及嶄新創作精髓。
首章故事探索 SUBLIMAGE 全效再生系列的靈魂: 香莢蘭 ,一棵獨一無二、擁有無比精純和高效活性因子的植物。


CHANEL 同時全新推出SUBLIMAGE 全效再生潔膚系列,帶來前所未有的潔膚體驗。
系列共有4 款潔膚產品,均注入了香莢蘭水分精華的抗氧化力量及哈倫加納葉萃取的排毒功效。

全效再生潔膚乳 – 柔潤的乳液轉化成質感輕盈的油份,瞬間溶解一切彩妝痕跡
全效再生精華缷妝水 – 質感細緻絲滑,只需輕輕一抹便去除肌膚上的雜質,肌膚更見柔軟光滑,豐盈飽滿
全效再生輕柔潔膚皂 – 刻有香莢蘭花朵的外形,只要用雙手搓揉潔膚皂就能產生輕柔而豐盈的泡沫,溫和潔淨肌膚
全效再生亮肌磨沙霜 – 蘊含天然香草籽及荷荷巴微粒融合水感啫喱,深層清除頑固的雜質和老化角質。


11月有售 / In stores in November


CHANEL has been a pioneer in skincare for nearly a century.
Within every jar of CHANEL skincare is about art of creation starting in fields, and continues in the laboratory.
CHANEL recently released Beyond the Jar – a short films program to celebrates the expertise and innovation of CHANEL Research.
As of the first chapter, it dedicates to Vanilla Planifolia – an unique, pure and powerful active ingredients found in Sublimage collection.


CHANEL unveils the new SUBLIMAGE CLEASING COLLECTION that transcends the art of skin cleansing.
Featuring four ultra-sensorial skincare products enriched with natural active ingredient Vanilla Planifolia water and detoxifying harungana extract.
With its diverse and divine textures, the collection acts as a first essential skincare step.

L’HUILE-EN-GEL DE DÉMAQUILLAGE, a comfortable and lightweight gel-in-oil that gently dissolves all traces of makeup
L’EAU DE DÉMAQUILLAGE, a silky water eliminates impurities, smooths and plumps the skin in a single sweep
LE SAVON DE SOIN, a delicate embossed vanilla flower soap that release rich and creamy cleansing foam
LES GRAINS DE VANILLE, a scrub with natural vanilla seeds and jojoba microbeads in a aqueous gel that deeply lift away stubborn impurities and remove dead cells

Four cleanser options, to combine or not, to personalize your ritual according to your needs and desires.
Every day is a new start for the skin.


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