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全城戒備 City Under Siege

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日期: 12/08/2010

簡介 :Sunny(郭富城飾)是雜耍表演團裡的小丑,一次偶然機會下,Sunny跟大初(鄒兆龍飾)及團裡四名表演成員劉鎮星讀取更多

導演: 陳木勝
主演: 郭富城, 舒淇, 鄒兆龍, 吳京, 張靜初

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  1. Sing says

    This is a so-called B action movie, but full of love for comics.

    Jacky Wu, a.k.a. Wu Jing shows some comparatively down-to-earth action while a bit too special effect action sequences are shown mainly in the rest of the film.

    Though the leading charcter is suitable for Stephen Chow, I feel Aaron Kwok was doing his best.

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