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魅影殺機 Colombiana

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發行/主辦團體: Organization: 泛亞影業有限公司 Panasia Films Limited


路比桑的《這個殺手不太冷》早已成為不少影迷的殺手片經典,路比桑一直打算寫一個10年後女主角長大的故事。雖然始終未能成事,但這個以女動作英雌為主角的概念,卻融入了他監製及編劇的新作《魅影殺機》。卡特蘭(素兒莎丹娜 飾)是美國哥倫比亞黑幫的頭號女殺手,她隱姓埋名在世界不同角落出現,每次殺人後都會在死者身上留下一朵野蘭花,警方一直無從追尋這朵野蘭花的意義。可是這朵與卡特蘭同名為"卡特蘭"的野蘭花,是哥倫比亞的國花,也代表了卡特蘭的生存目標──復仇的記認,因當年9歲的卡特蘭,就是在哥倫比亞親眼目睹父母被人殺害而流落異鄉…

1992. Colombia. Nine-year-old Cataleya witnesses her parents’ murder. Barely escaping the massacre herself, she takes refuge in the United States with Emilio, her gangster uncle… Fifteen years later, she works for him as a hit woman. Her calling card — an orchid drawn on the chests of her victims — is a message to her parents’ assassins. For Cataleya is determined to see her vengeance through to the bitter end… even if it means losing everything she loves.


Director: Oliver Megaton
Cast: Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan

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