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FENDI 香港置地廣場旗艦店於2012年6月擴展至地庫

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現時於中環置地廣場佔地兩層的FENDI 旗艦店展示的精品系列齊備,地面樓層為手袋、皮具及腕錶系列的展示專區,而一樓則陳列出品牌最新的皮草、鞋履及時裝系列,提供女士們全面及多元化的購物體驗。

於2012年6月擴充加設的地庫樓層則新設男士系列專門店,為FENDI全球首間男士系列專門店,店內陳列出最新到港的FENDI 2012秋冬男士服飾,饒富意大利非凡生活品味的衣服鞋履及皮具飾物均能於此全球首間FENDI男士系列專門店內找到。

為隆重其事FENDI全球首間男士系列專門店開幕,FENDI更特地選出一系列以奢華物料精心打造的衣履及皮革用品,每款均價值連成,並於此專門店作獨家發售。各精品以不同層次的藍色及黑色為主調再配以頂級質料和卓越工藝縫製而成,當中包括黑色鱷魚皮西裝褸 (HKD 680,000)、鮮藍色鱷魚皮Biker拉鏈外套 (HKD 512,580)、深藍狐狸毛領波斯羊毛大褸 (HKD 366,080)、藍黑色鱷魚皮雙拉鏈手挽公事包 (HKD 200,800) 及藍黑色鱷魚皮文件包 (HKD 182,000)。

FENDI 中環置地廣場男士系列專門店
B23 至B24 店
電話:(852) 2530 5339

  1. Hok-ming GARR says

    I entered the Fendi shop for men at the basement of Landmark (Central, Hong Kong) at about 1100 hrs. on 2013-01-16. One yellow wallet valued as $2700 impressed me. On sales staff callesd ICE, she showed it to me and introdued the wallet. I deeply appreciated her good performance I decided to buy it. At making the transaction, I produced one Hang Seng Bank Master Card but failed for transaction due to unk. reason. Another senior sale staff called Feon approached me and called me to produce another credit card for transaction, I then produced the Dah Sing Bank Master Card, the same result for transaction failure. As a result, I paid it with cash. Your involve no. 1.MK-76384, the item code 340385, cash at 11:32:17 AM given by Feon. Later I checked with two Banks, Hang Seng Bank credit card centre and confirmed with no such transaction. But I checked with Dah Sing Bank credit card centre, the staff of Dah Sing Bank Credit Card centre replied me that your shop had passed the transaction request through your shop credit card data processing machine at 11:31:00 AM on 2013-01-16.

    In view of above, I need to inform your shop to make sure there was no credit card transaction in this business transaction in order to reduce my loss as I already paid by cash in your shop. Secondly, please check your credit card data procession machine to ensure no man made misconduct in this incident. Besides, I also consumed much time such as made a police record (CW RN 13001861 ) to protect any of my loss and if there was any technology crime occurred in future related with my credit cards. I also needed to made application to Dah Sing bank for cancel the credit card transaction.

    Being the customer like me, I felt disappointed with your global Fendi shop. I hope it was a pure accident and no crime involved. Please freel free to contact me .

    1. says

      Hello! I am sorry to hear that. However, there is not the official blog of Fendi. I’m so sorry this news release caused your misunderstanding.
      In your situation, you can try to call Fendi Landmark shop hotline: 2530 5339. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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