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Kanebo Coffret D’or 2010 SUMMER -Beauty Curve- 盛夏誕生

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早前出席了Kanebo Coffret D’or 以塑造「Beauty Curve」完美曲線為主題的新品發佈會。

今次展出了多個新品,如:Beauty C Curve Eyes4色眼影組合,水潤唇膏, Double Cheeks & Highlight胭脂組合, Curving Impact Mascara, Liquid Gel眼線筆及 Jewelite Nail Color (初夏限量色)等。

本人覺得最特別係Beauty C Curve Eyes4色眼影因用了C Curve Base “A”, 眼部明亮及光澤感 ,請見化妝師AT Saka同model Kelly Fu的示範及下圖圖解:


Kanebo 19 Kanebo Coffret D’or Beauty C Curve Eyes



art 1 : ( Eye; product used: eye shadow palette – Beauty C Curve Eyes)

Part 2: (Eye and Face; product used: Liquid Gel Liner; Curving Impact Mascara; Dual Beauty Blush)

Part 3: (Lip and Nails; product used: Moist Beauty Rouge; Gloss Coat Stick; Jewelite Nail Color)

Kanebo 專櫃 現已有售

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