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VICHY NEW Launch – Whitening EYE CARE

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Bi-WHITE Reveal Eye Care 雙重突效亮白眼霜($ 270) 利用Ceramide White醫學亮白訊息因子,以獨有的神經傳遞技術阻止黑色素細胞接收色素製造訊號,再配合維他命B3和Caffeine 能改善淋巴循環,雙效消除水腫;更可防止脂肪在眼部下方形成,預防眼袋。


3-in-1 formular to remove Dark Circle and Puffy Eyes
VICHY Latest Bi-WHITE Reveal Eye Care ($ 270)- The latest technological innovation of VICHY Laboratories – Ceramide White, to terminate the production of melanin at sensory cell levels. Combined with Vitamin B3 and Caffeine, lymph circulation is improved and cutaneous formation of eye bags are prevented.

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